When you leased your current vehicle, you may have targeted the flexibility of a lease. The opportunity to get another ride with the latest technology, design, and performance spoke to you. It turns out, however, that you love driving your car around St. Charles, St. Louis, O'Fallon, or Saint Peters, Missouri.

How can you stay with your current vehicle? A lease buyout is a popular choice for drivers who want to keep their current vehicle. St. Charles Nissan prepared a Lease Buyout Guide to help you learn about this financing option.

What Is a Lease Buyout?

A lease buyout may be available to drivers at the end of their lease term. It is an option that allows drivers to buy their vehicle while their lease term nears completion. Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to buy out your lease for a lower monthly rate than buying a new car.

Is a lease buyout worth it? You can find out by asking the dealership you leased from what your monthly payments may be. Once you learn this information, you can compare them with:

  • The cost of a new vehicle
  • Ongoing lease deals
  • Your payments and the payments of similar pre-owned models

Learning this information in advance allows you to make an informed decision. You'll have the time you need to compare ongoing offers for vehicles at a dealership like ours.

How To Buyout Your Lease

Before you make your decision, there are a few resources you can use to learn how to buy out your lease. This includes:

  • Reviewing the terms of your lease
  • Speaking with a leasing representative
  • Reviewing lease fees

The terms of your current lease may guide your lease buyout. If you aren't sure about your eligibility to buy out your lease, you can ask a representative from the manufacturer or your dealership.

How can you review lease fees? They may also be listed in your lease terms. Read below to learn how a lease return inspection can help you connect the dots.

A Lease Return Inspection

One factor that may influence your decision to buy your leased vehicle is its condition. Wear and tear of the road is expected for any leased vehicle, but certain events may also result in fees when you return your lease. This includes deep scratches or upholstery stains.

Every lease return should include a lease return inspection. This can help you learn about service needs or wear that results in fees before your vehicle is returned to a dealership.

If you aren't sure if you want to keep your leased vehicle, learning the results of a lease return inspection can influence your decision. Drivers who learn that their lease return may result in fees might want to explore their options with a lease buyout.

Drivers should receive notice of their lease return prior to its expiration. You can reach out to our dealership to learn how to schedule lease return inspections.

Calculator: Is Buying Out Your Lease Worth It?

So, is buying out a lease worth it? You can find out with our financing calculator. This online tool lets drivers see what their monthly payments might be with a new or pre-owned vehicle after entering:

  • Price
  • Down payment
  • Interest rate
  • Length of Financing term

If you know what the terms of your lease buyout are, you can compare that figure with the monthly payment calculator. This makes it easy to compare financing and even other lease offers.

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Our Lease Buyout Guide showcases the advantages of a lease buyout and certain steps you may want to take. What's next?

If you live near St. Charles, St. Louis, O'Fallon, or Saint Peters, MO, contact our team to learn about a Nissan lease buyout.


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