The Nissan Armada is an exceptional SUV that drivers all across the St. Charles, St. Louis, and Saint Peters areas have relied on. However, when you're out on a family adventure in this spacious SUV, have you ever noticed dashboard symbols? It's no mystery that these symbols are telling you something, but do you know what each of them means?

We here at St. Charles Nissan are going to help you learn more about your dashboard symbols. We'll give you the meanings behind them, and what you should do when they appear while you're out on the road. This is your Nissan Armada dashboard symbols guide.

Dashboard Symbols: Indicator Lights & Warning Lights

We'll start by letting you know that there are two different types of symbols that can appear on your dashboard. Indicator lights are simple reminders, and they don't indicate any pressing issue. Warning lights, on the other hand, are letting you know that something's wrong, and you should take preventive measures. Knowing the difference between these lights will be helpful when you're out on the road.

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Dashboard Symbols: Indicator Lights

  • Cruise Indicator: This light consists of the word CRUISE in all capital letters and will appear when you activate your cruise control system, and it'll remain on until you deactivate the system.
  • High Beam Indicator: If you've activated your high beams, this indicator will illuminate on your dashboard until you've turned your high beams off. Its symbol looks like light beams from a headlight.
  • Malfunction Indicator: If your vehicle's computer system detects a malfunction with the emissions control system, this light will pop on. Its symbol looks like an engine block. More often than not, the fuel filler cap wasn't properly secured and once tightened, the light will go away. If this light appears while the vehicle is off, it means you'll need an emissions test soon.
  • Tow Mode Indicator Light: When you activate Tow Mode, this light will appear using the word TOW in all capital letters to let you know that this drive mode is currently selected. The light will turn off once Tow Mode is deactivated.

Dashboard Symbols: Warning Lights

  • Brake Warning Light: This light has two different meanings. Either your parking brake is still engaged, or your braking system is low on fluid. If it's the latter, contact your Nissan dealer immediately. If your parking brake is engaged, you will see the word BRAKE appear. If there is an issue with the brake system, this light will be accompanied by an exclamation point within a circle and parentheses. 
  • Charge Warning Light: If your charging system isn't working properly, this light will come on that looks like your standard car battery. When it appears, you should pull over to safety to check and see if the alternator belt is loose or broken. If the light stays on, don't continue to drive; simply contact your Nissan dealer.
  • Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light: This light doesn't necessarily indicate a low oil level. However, you should contact your Nissan dealer immediately when you see the oil can symbol, and don't continue to drive the vehicle until the issue has been corrected.

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  • Low Tire Pressure Warning Light: Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System will detect low tire pressure and send this warning to your dashboard. Its symbol is of an exclamation point inside a tire. If you're near a gas station, pull in and refill the tire to its required amount.

Keep an Eye on Those Dashboard Symbols

If you notice any of these dashboard symbols light up, you can contact us at St. Charles Nissan. We're always here to help drivers in the St. Charles, St. Louis, and Saint Peters areas bring their vehicle back to working order.

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